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Egypt borders the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the Sudan in the south, Libya in the west and the Red Sea and Israel in the east.


The official language is Arabic. French and English, also German are frequently spoken.


GMT + 2 Hours


Tourists from Austria and Switzerland require a passport which is valid for 6 months after their departure date. ID for children must contain a passport picture. Since October 2002, German citizens only need an ID card. Egyptian visas can be purchased at the airport but if you book through a travel agent, they will take care of this. Egypt differentiates between a full and partial visa for Sinai. For Dahab the partial visa is enough for up to 14 days stay. This visa applies only to Sinai and includes Ras Mohamed. This information is correct at time of writing but please ensure you check with the relevant official websites.


This will be organised by your travel agent or contact us so that we can take care of the hotel transfer.


Voltage is 220V

Food  & Drink

Egyptian cuisine combines the best of Middle Eastern food. Meanwhile we also provide many dishes for European tastes. Be sure to avoid ice cubes in your drinks, otherwise "Pharaohs revenge" (violent diarrhoea) is highly likely. Also do not use the tap water as drinking water.


Innoculations are not necessary.


The national currency is the Egyptian Pound (LE) = 100 Piastres (PT).  We recommend bringing some cash in hard currency with you.  INMO accepts only cash,There are several ATM machines in Dahab which accept all major credit/depit cards. They also act as bureau de charge and notes of any curency can be exchanged for Egyptian pounds.


It is customary to give a tip for each service provided. (5-10 % of the invoice amount in the hotel and restaurant, as well as to tour guides...). In INMO we have tip boxes, so that you may leave a small tip for our staff should you so wish.


Hot and dry in the summer, in the winter dry and warm during the day with cold nights. Hardly any rain.


The majority of Egyptians are Muslims. Please show consideration of this faith and avoid public displays of affection and topless sunbathing.

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