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Safari Prices


Prices are quoted in Euros. Should you have any queries or questions please feel free to  contact us using our contact details.

We recommend that you get in touch in any case to enquire about our current offers.

We also accept:

NOTES: The tour is done with a maximum of persons per taxi. The taxi price will be divided between the number of passengers.

Land excursion Days   Persons  
    Euro    Notes
 St. Catherine (Taxi) 1 1-10
  50,00 €
Price per Taxi
 St. Catherine & Moses mountain    
1 1-14
  65,00 € Price per Taxi for add.
waiting time
 Entrance Fee Nationalpark           
1         1         
3,00 $ Rate in USD        


Land excursion Days   Persons   
 Oases Hudra + White Canyon 1 1-6  38,00 € Price per Taxi
 Oases Hudra + White Canyon 1 7-12  50,00 € Price per add. person
 Ain Hudra + White Canyon (camel)
1 per pax  10,00 € Price per camel
 Ain Hudra + White Canyon
(small Lunch)
    per pax    
4,00 € fresh bread, cheese,
Tuna fish, Salad, Tea


Land excursion Days Persons     Euro    Informations
 Colored Canyon (Taxi)                 
1        1-7       
     100,00 € Price per Taxi
and Guide               


All routes are accomplished by the local Bedouins.
During the breaks fresh bread is baked and very strong sweet tea is cooked.

Land excursion Days Persons     Euro    Informations
 Wadi Kid or Wadi Nasseb (Jeep)     
1        1-6        
      90,00 € Price per Jeep/
distr.of cost
 Wadi Kid or Wadi Nasseb (Jeep) 2
1-6  130,00 € Price per Jeep/
distr.of cost              


All routes can be booked directly with us locally. These are just some suggestions, however there are many options available, please contact us and we will be happy to tailor make your own personal safari.

Land excursion Days Persons     Euro    Informations
National park Nabq
 (Jeep or Pick-up)                          
1        1-10      
      75,00 € Price per Jeep plus
5 US$ ticket-fee      


Land excursion Days Persons     Euro    Informations
 Nawamis graves (camel)                
1      per pax   
       10,00 € Price per Camel      
 Nawamis graves (Taxi)  1  1-10    46,00 € Price per Jeep         


Land excursion Days Persons     Euro    IInformations
 Wadi Gnai (Jeep)                          
0.5 1-7     30,00 € Price per Jeep        
 Wadi Gnai with camel 0.5   per pax      
       10,00 € Price per Camel


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